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Physical Education (P.E.):

At Elizabeth Ide School, students are exposed to a wide variety of skills and activities.  Kindergarten dedicates a majority of the year working on spatial awareness and manipulative skills, such as the following: throwing, rolling, kicking, cooperative tasks for working together in partners, small groups, or teams.   First and Second grade is structured around units focusing on individual skills, as well as incorporating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Each unit is approximately 3 weeks, which allows for an appropriate amount of time for students to practice individual skills, assess ability, and embed other skills within the unit before getting to larger scaled games.  Each week students engage in warm-ups that address a variety target areas, including endurance, strength, coordination, sight words or math facts, and SEL. Students receive P.E. everyday for 20 minutes.  In order to see every class every day, several classes are combined in first and second grade. Emphasis is placed on being active everyday while developing a lifelong enjoyment for physical activity.   Below is a list of targeted skills for growth in Kindergarten, as well as units for First and Second grade.

Skills targeted at the Kindergarten level:

- Spatial awareness

- Balance

- Locomotor skills (skipping, galloping, etc.)

- Scooter movement and safety

- Throwing overhand/underhand

- Rolling

- Kicking

- Tagging safely 

- Rock climbing 

- Chasing and fleeing

- Self awareness

- Self management

Units for First and Second Grade: 

- Teamwork

- Pillow Hockey (Floor Hockey)

- Basketball

- Kan Jam (Frisbee and Fitness)

- Chasing and Fleeing games (Outdoors)

- Heart Health (Kid’s Heart Challenge-Formerly Jump Rope for Heart)

- Tennis

- Tumbling 

- Kickball

- Bowling

- Soccer