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School Report Card

For the past two years (2020 & 2019), Elizabeth Ide has received an official summative designation on its School Report Card as being “exemplary”, which is attributed to the dedication in growing by our students and staff. Designations are based on assessment, attendance, course and grade data, climate survey participation, and graduation data.

Illinois 5Essentials

For 2020, Elizabeth Ide is well-organized for improvement and continues to grow and improve year after year (2019 & 2018). Our students, staff, and parents are committed to improving in the following areas: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, ambitious instruction, involved families, and supportive environment.

Future Ready Ide

Elizabeth Ide Elementary School is an exemplary learning environment focused on educating some of the youngest school-age learners and preparing them for long-term success. The renovated building now showcases the learning mission with whimsical exteriors, colorful features, and flexible learning opportunities within.

Mission & Vision

Fostering a positive student-centered learning environment and partnership with parents, Elizabeth Ide Elementary School encourages risk-taking, personal growth (socially, emotionally, academically), and a love for life-long learning.


Photo of Melissa Holtrup

ISBE 2020 Those Who Excel Award Winner who received the Meritorious Service Award in the category of Classroom Teacher

- Melissa Holtrup, Teacher

kindergarten teachers

2021 District Winners for the Those Who Excel Illinois award program for Most Outstanding Team

- Kindergarten Team

After-school programs

rack of basketballs



Performing Arts Enrichment

hand holding pencil with colored pencils

Art Enrichment

yellow Lego bricks

STEM Enrichment